Men's Beachwear

Pompea men's swimsuits are the essential garment for enjoying the summer at the seaside, in the pool, on the beach or as a casual outfit for every Live this season to the fullest by choosing from different models, colors and patterns , without sacrificing comfort and style.

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Men's swimsuits for the sea, the beach and the swimming pool

Discover our line of men's swimsuits, ideal for the sea and the beach. Comfortable, trendy and perfectly fitting , they are created to meet every movement need, whether you are swimming or playing sports on the sand. Explore the vast selection of models such as shorts or bikini bottoms, available in various sizes, colors and eye-catching patterns!

Men's briefs, perfect for swimming

Pompea offers men's briefs that guarantee maximum freedom of movement in water, on land and on sand. They are perfect for those who practice swimming, for those who want to obtain an even tan and for those who want to slim their legs. Discover all the men's briefs!

Men's boxer costumes for those looking for practicality

Men's boxer trunks are ideal for those looking for practicality and versatility. Also suitable to be worn as shorts and sports shorts on the beach and by the pool, they are the right answer for those looking for a casual and informal look. Discover Pompea's selection!