Black unisex protective mask for the community P.Mask, washable and re-usable with bacteriostatic yarn pack x2
€2.75 €5.50



  • Protective mask for the community, washable and re-usable. P. MASK is composed of two elements: one protective mask made with Q-Skin by Fulgar bacteriostatic yarn, with control properties of your own excess bacterial flora, which guarantees maximum adherence to your face, with an inner pocket where it is possible to insert a multilayer fabric filter. Both parts of the P.MASK are machine washable at 30° and can be used several times. The mask has also two post-treatments, Viroblock and Water-pellent; the latter is also present in the filter. P. MASK is a 100% Made in Italy product. Each box contains two unisex plain color one-size protective masks and four filters that are equivalent to 40 disposable masks. It is recommend using the protective mask in everyday life, always respecting safety rules such as interpersonal distance and frequent hand washing. The mask is intended for the exclusive use of the community, it is not a PPE, it is not a medical device for health use.
  • Product code: 38670633PM0276


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