Men's Trunks

The men's trunks are designed to meet all your needs. Thanks to the comfort of our waistbands designed to not pinch and leave no marks, each pair of men's trunks guarantees unmatched comfort. Regardless of your style or preferences, you'll find the perfect men's trunks for you in our wide selection. Choose Pompea men's trunks for an intimate combination of style, comfort, and quality!


Men's Underwear Trunks

Check out our exclusive line of Pompea men's underwear trunks, characterized by essential lines and a minimalist style. Whether you prefer our trunks in LYCRA® fiber for a perfect fit, or our models in soft GOTS-certified organic cotton for a touch of natural softness, each pair of men's underwear guarantees an unmatched fit and well-being. Choose Pompea men's underwear trunks for an intimate experience of comfort and style.
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