Boy's Underwear

Pompea boy's underwear is made with certified organic cotton (GOTS) to ensure maximum comfort and delicacy, even on the skin of t...he little ones. The boy's underwear collection contains soft, comfortable, and breathable garments, perfect to wear every day and in every season of the year, which perfectly envelop the body without restriction. Check out all the items in the collection and choose your favorites!

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Our suppliers adhere to the highest production standards, where sustainability and traceability are essential.

Every single detail is designed to allow freedom of movement, without the garment feeling tight or leaving marks on the skin. The special lightweight, breathable yarn is designed for every-day wear and maximum comfort at all times.

The models with minimal seams and stretch-fabrics are designed for all seasons, and are perfect combined with winter warm cotton garments.

Choose the perfect underwear for your kids.