Push-up tights

Push-up tights are your ally to enhance your B-side and enhance your silhouette. Each piece is designed to shape and lift the buttocks...ong> , ensuring an unmistakable shaping effect. Explore our trendy designs, find the push-up socks that best represent you and create your perfect look!

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Shaping tights: comfort and style that enhance your curves

Pompea's shapewear tights are made with high quality materials and advanced technologies, offering an impeccable look by masterfully shaping your curves. The push-up effect of these stockings lifts and tones the buttocks, giving the desired shape and unparalleled support. Whether you want to define your hips, tone your thighs or enhance your butt, our shapewear tights are the perfect solution. Versatile, comfortable and available in different nude and black colours, they become indispensable for adding an extra touch to your outfit. Immerse yourself in the elegance and functionality of our shapewear tights and feel your best every day.