Boy's Pyjama

Wearing boy’s pyjamas by Pompea, every child experiences peaceful nights and moments of absolute relaxation. Each model, created w...ith a focus on well-being and quality fabrics, combines colour, patterns and authentic comfort. Discover all the models of children's pyjamas and give your little one sweet dreams with Pompea!

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Pompea children's pajamas for sweet dreams

Our children's pajamas are made of soft and breathable materials , designed to pamper the skin of the little ones, guaranteeing comfort and freedom of movement. Explore the range of children's pajamas and find the ideal option for your child's needs. With a variety of sizes, styles and shades , there's something for every preference. Start your shopping experience with Pompea now!

Lightness and comfort with light cotton children's pajamas

Each lightweight cotton children's pajama set has been specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort and freshness for little ones. Our children's pajamas are ideal for hot summer nights, ensuring a peaceful and dry sleep , but they are also perfect for those moments of relaxation at home . With Pompea, your child will be able to run, play and move with ease, always wrapped in the lightness of his light cotton pajamas.

Patterned and colorful children's pajamas

Explore our colorful and unique selection: patterned baby pajamas and colorful baby pajamas to add a touch of joy to your baby's daily clothing. Our collection of patterned children's pajamas stands out for its varied designs , which include models both in plain colors and enriched with fun prints and bright colours , suitable for children aged 4 to 11 years . Complete the look with children's socks and Pompea children's underwear for a perfect and colorful match!