Boy's Socks

Pompea boy's socks take care of the little ones even before they take their first steps, offering a wide range of items suitable for all ages and situations. Our boy's socks are made with breathable and ultra-soft yarns, designed to allow your child to walk, run and play in complete tranquility and in maximum comfort. Chek out all the models available


The baby line, dedicated to newborns, is available in neutral and unisex colours that are easily adaptable to any look.

Careful attention has been paid to the needs and safety of small children, with non-slip socks and soft, comfy yarns guaranteeing a sense of well-being at all times

The fun patterns and bright colours of the children’s socks ensure a selection of styles for all ages and tastes, allowing children to choose those which fascinate them the most and help them feel more confident.

Each season there is a variety of trendy styles and colours, also designed to keep your kids warm in winter and cool and comfortable in summer.

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