Raw-cut tank tops, briefs and Brazilian briefs

Discover brasseries, tank tops, briefs and raw-cut Brazilian briefs, all garments designed to guarantee a perfect fit and a ...g>feeling of lightness on the skin . Pompea's raw cut underwear collection is made with ultra-soft materials and flat seams , to offer delicate support without leaving marks under clothing. Perfect for any occasion, these garments enhance your silhouette with discretion and style, combining elegance and functionality in every detail.

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Comfort and adaptability with the raw cut

The raw cut technology allows these garments to fit like a second skin, offering maximum comfort. The brasseries guarantee optimal support without constraints, while the raw cut tank tops are ideal both as underwear and as garments to be worn on sight. Raw cut briefs and brazilians offer a perfect fit under any type of clothing, allowing you to move freely with confidence. Choose Pompea's raw cut collection for underwear that combines quality, style and daily well-being!