Triangle bras

The triangle swimsuit is the must-have model of the summer , ideal for sunny days on the beach, relaxing days at the lake and even...ings by the pool with friends. Explore our collection and find the perfect triangle bikini for you. Let yourself be inspired by the wide range of bright colors, trendy prints and elegant details. From classic monochrome tones to bold patterns , each costume is designed to express your unique personality in style.

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Triangle bikini: patterned or plain?

Choose from triangle bikinis with vibrant patterns that capture the essence of summer , such as floral or marine-inspired motifs, or opt for monochromatic shades for an elegant, timeless style . Express your unique personality and distinctive style with our wide range of options. Whether you prefer a bold or more subdued look, you're sure to find the perfect triangle bikini for you in our collection! Complete the beach look with the coordinated women's swimsuit briefs !

Padded triangle swimsuit or without padding?

Thanks to the removable cups that our triangle swimsuits are equipped with, you can choose the level of support you prefer . Opt for padded cups for a more defined silhouette and sculpted look, or remove them for a more natural, lighter feel. The choice is yours, for tailor-made comfort on every occasion.