Compression stockings and graduated compression for women

The women's graduated compression socks by Pompea are designed to give your legs an immediate feeling of relief and lightness. Within the collection you can find hold-ups, tights and practical knee-highs, all made with high quality yarns to always offer maximum comfort. You can wear our women's compression stockings all day long: they do not tighten and leave no marks, making them soft and delicate on the skin. Choose the model you prefer and protect the health of your legs with Pompea's compression stockings!


Women's graduated compression socks for long-lasting comfort

Women's graduated compression stockings are made with Italian and certified yarns, designed to guarantee softness and comfort. Featuring a comfortable and adaptable fit, they hug the foot perfectly, are easy to put on and adapt to any daily activity. Check out all the models of graduated compression stockings available, choose Pompea quality and comfort!

Women's compression stockings: the ideal solution for the health of your legs

The Pompea collection of women's support stockings is designed for the health of your legs. Our support stockings are designed to promote circulation, helping to prevent possible problems resulting from venous stasis. Thanks to their softness, they are perfect to wear on any occasion and throughout the day for walking, moving in maximum comfort and keeping your legs always rested and soft.

Graduated compression tights, stay-ups and knee-highs: choose your favorite model!

Are you looking for soft knee-highs? Or graduated compression tights, ideal for preventing circulation problems? In Pompea's collection of graduated compression stockings you can find the model that best suits your needs and your style: you can choose from many models of graduated compression tights, stockings and knee-highs, available in various colors, sizes and models, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your daily outfits.
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