Leggings, shorts and push up tights

The collection of tights and push up leggings are your ideal ally to enhance the B-side and enhance your silhouette . Each piece, from socks to leggings and shorts, is designed to shape and lift the buttocks, ensuring an unmistakable shaping effect. Explore our trendy designs, find the push-up model that best represents you and create your perfect look!


Shaping stockings and tights: comfort and style that enhance your curves

Pompea's shaping tights are the best choice for those who want to combine functionality and style . Made with high-quality materials and advanced technologies, these shapewear stockings not only offer a flawless look, but expertly shape your curves. The push-up effect guarantees a result that lifts and tones the buttocks, giving that desired shape and unparalleled support. Whether you want to define your hips, tone your thighs or simply enhance your bottom , our shaping tights are the ideal solution. Versatile, comfortable and available in different nude and black colours , they become the essential socks for those looking for that extra touch in their outfit. Immerse yourself in the elegance and functionality of our shapewear tights and feel your best every day.

Push up shaping leggings ideal for sports and leisure

Push-Up Leggings are the ideal choice for those looking for a versatile solution, capable of adapting to both daily commitments and sports training . Created with cutting-edge technologies, such as the seamless structure, they adapt to the body like a second skin, ensuring unparalleled comfort. The design aims to enhance the B-side , while the soft and elastic fabric ensures maximum freedom of movement . These leggings are not tight and are designed not to leave marks on the skin, always ensuring a feeling of well-being. Available in different colors, they are characterized by a refined style that enhances the silhouette, combining the modeling effect with maximum comfort . With Push-Up Leggings, every day becomes an opportunity to feel your best, regardless of the activity planned.

Push-up shaping shorts: comfort and anti-chafing perfection

The shapewear shorts from our push-up collection represent a real innovation in the world of shapewear shorts. Designed to offer an unparalleled wearing experience, they include a specific anti-chafing function for the inner thighs, ensuring continuous comfort. Thanks to their carefully designed shaping line, the shaping shorts are able to shape the figure in every key point, from the stomach to the hips, passing through the buttocks. The push-up effect combined with the control top ensures optimal support and an impeccable silhouette. Details such as the soft strap, the stitching designed for comfort and the gusset contribute to a high-level wearing experience. Not only that, one of their greatest qualities is the ability to remain invisible under clothes , allowing them to be worn discreetly on any occasion. With shapewear shorts, perfection and comfort come together in one essential product.
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