Hold-ups have always been the emblem of femininity and charm, and for this reason they cannot be missing from every woman's wardrobe. Thanks to the refined nuances, the lace details and the ability to enhance the legs, the hold-ups are an essential accessory. With a fine texture, they are designed to offer you unparalleled comfort and style. Experience the elegance and sensuality that only hold-ups can offer and find the ones that best suit your style!


Graduated compression hold-ups

Discover our graduated compression hold-ups, specially designed to meet every need! Ideal for promoting blood circulation and providing optimal leg support throughout the day, these hold-ups combine function and style. With Pompea, you don't have to give up your look! We offer a wide range of choices for both your daily outfits and special occasions. Choose from our models of hold-ups with graduated compression and ensure comfort, support and impeccable style!

Rediscover your sensuality with sheer hold-ups

Rediscover your sensuality with sheer hold-ups, the accessory that adds a touch of seduction to your style. Pompea's hold-ups are designed to enhance the beauty of your legs, wrapping them in a veil of transparency and refinement. Whether you're preparing a look for a special night out or want to feel irresistible in your daily routine, sheer hold-ups are the perfect choice. Explore the collection of sheer hold-ups proposed by Pompea and awaken your femininity!
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