Soft fabrics, made with recycled fibers and certified organic cotton, which delicately envelop the shape of the body ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement: in the new Pompea Eco-Friendly and Cotton Planet men's underwear collections , comfort becomes synonymous with sustainability and respect for the planet.

Giuseppe Giofrè is the new face of the Eco-Friendly and Cotton Planet collections

Testimonial of this green underwear revolution is Giuseppe Giofrè , dancer, choreographer and model. Former winner of Amici, the talent show that opened the doors to the world of dance for him, where he still performs as a professional, Giofrè is also committed to pursuing his international career. After various experiences abroad he became part of important dance troupes, accompanying music stars such as J.Lo and Taylor Swift on tour.

The choice of the dancer as the new face of the social campaign arises from the sharing of the values ​​for which Pompea has always been the spokesperson, such as sustainability, inclusiveness, comfort and adaptable wearability , but also from childhood experiences and memories that bind him in a particular way to brands.

“More and more often I try to make conscious choices by selecting comfortable and environmentally friendly products. I chose to work with Pompea because the great attention they put into the design proved to be successful, particularly suitable during training and in the rehearsal room. Furthermore, I am linked to the brand by some personal memories from my youth. In fact, I have always used it even as a child and I often found myself in the back of a dear aunt's underwear shop in Gioia Tauro playing among their packaging”, explains Giofré.

Discover the Pompea underwear collection too

The shots of the social campaign were taken by fashion photographer Giovanni Peschi and stand out for contrasts of light and natural colours, in settings that recall lightness, softness and freedom of movement , essential characteristics of Pompea garments.

Fields of poppies, white drapes moved by the wind and soft clouds in the background: a few simple elements that enhance the quality of the fabrics and the anatomical design of Pompea garments and remind us of the importance of protecting the environment, through conscious choices and small gestures do every day.

The Eco-Friendly and Cotton Plannet men's lines fully reflect the brand's green philosophy , which is also expressed in the search for increasingly sustainable, recyclable and controlled fabrics, through a system of full product traceability. The garments in the Eco-Friendly collection stand out for their young and contemporary design and for the particular ribbed workmanship of the fabric, made with the innovative Q-NOVA ® recycled fiber by Fulgar obtained from regenerated textile waste and nylon fibre.

Pompea Cotton Planet garments, made with GOTS certified organic cotton, are also designed to best combine sustainability and comfort. Within this line you can find men's briefs and men's boxers made with special breathability areas , anti-chafing flat seams and a comfortable visible elastic band to ensure greater adaptability and delicacy on the skin.

T-shirts and underwear vests , on the other hand, have particular finishes, designed to guarantee resistance and durability over time, as well as a comfortable design, which naturally supports the shapes.

Soft, elastic and adaptable to any body shape, the briefs and boxers from the Eco-Friendly collection are designed to guarantee maximum practicality and freedom of movement on every occasion. The anatomical zones with different elasticity and the minimal stitching, combined with the breathability and quick drying of the fabric , also make them perfect for sporting activities.

All garments are available in various sizes, models and colours: choose the ones that best suit your style!